Analyzing numerical data validating identification numbers

16-Jun-2017 18:12

In can be applied to taxonomic or functional abundance tables derived from metagenomic (WGS) data or 16S OTU/phylotype data.

metagenome Seq metagenome Seq is an R package designed to determine features that are differentially abundant between two or more groups of multiple samples.

Walkthroughs are step-by-step tutorials taking users through typical HMP analysis paths, complete with sample datasets, details steps, screenshots and example output.

These are geared toward educating researchers, particularly those without extensive bioinformatics infrastructures or experience, on utilizing selected tools and resources to reproduce HMP analyses, using HMP-generated or personal data as input.

It generates summary statistics of the input in graphical and tabular formats that can be used for quality control steps.

PRINSEQ is available as both standalone and web-based versions.

PRINSEQ A sequence processing tool that can be used to filter, reformat and trim genomic and metagenomic sequence data.

Software and online resources used by, or developed as part of the HMP are provided here.